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Posted: March 6, 2013 in General Fitness
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It’s never going to be easy or even the right time to start your fitness life.  Whether its your first time in the gym or you got lost along the way and have found your way back, you are already one step closer than you were yesterday. First things first you have to realize its all about YOU. Most likely you have been taking care of other people for a long time or have been distracted by school, work, ect.  and somewhere down that road you have left yourself behind. So in three words I’m going to give you your new motto. TREAT.YOUR.SELF.

For you Parks and Rec. fans you have heard that before and for those of you who don’t watch this hilarious show it means put yourself FIRST for a little while. It doesn’t have to be just in the gym but in every aspect..(as long as you’re not FIRST in line at Wendys) All kidding aside you owe it to yourself. So if your just starting out and for now are just looking to lose weight im going to give you just TWO things to focus on and I promise you if you do just these two things you will quickly begin to lose weight.

#1. ONLY drink water for your liquid consumption.  Yes you can have  your morning coffee , I wouldn’t dare take that away from you. but besides that ONLY water.  You will cut out sooooo many calories just by doing this.  Yes you will be using the restroom quite often, but think of it as a cleanse.  Flushing (no pun atended….well maybe) all of those old habits out of your system.

#2. CARDIO.  If you don’t have a gym membership that’s ok!  The main idea right now is to just start moving.  Try to commit yourself to  3-5 days 30-45 minutes of moderately walking outside, riding your bike, walking your dog, chasing your kids….whatever it is to start burning more calories than you are used to.  I promise you it doesn’t have to be hard or complex if you are just starting.  Make it easy on yourself for now.  Try to form new habits and give yourself a chance.  And always remember to TREAT.YOUR.SELF.

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