How Important is Strength Training?

Posted: March 10, 2013 in General Fitness
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The easy answer is VERY important!  You know by now how important doing cardio is for your heart,burning calories and losing weight. And its great for the first month or so to be just focussing on that for your exercise.  But what you might not know is strength training is just as important and in my opinion more important than cardio in helping you keep off your weight loss. Some women I talk to about this are TERRIFIED of this idea and all they can picture is getting “bulky” and or “looking like a man”. This is far from the truth and if your goal is to look fit and toned its a MUST.

Here are a list of  some of the benefits by adding strength training to your workouts:

  • The most important one is its going to make you feel like a new person!  The confidence and energy  you will feel after a workout (and yes maybe some soreness).. 🙂 is alone worth it.
  • You will start to build LEAN MUSCLE.  Simply the more lean muscle you have the more calories you will burn at rest (sitting on the couch, watching tv, reading this blog or even sleeping). Muscle burns 3x the calories that fat does.  To keep it simple the more muscle mass you have (remember, you wont look like a bodybuilder) the faster your metabolism will be and the more calories and fat you will burn throughout the day!
  • Slows the loss of muscle mass and bone density as we age.  As early as our mid 20’s our muscles start to slowly deteriorate if we remain inactive.  But especially if  you are in your 40’s and 50’s does regular strength training become very important. 2-4 days a week of moderate strength training will do the trick and help you feel and look young!
  • Everyday life will become easier.  Mindless activities like carrying groceries (able to do it in one trip!), picking up around the house, laundry, picking up your kids and everything else that might seem difficult will soon change and  make you feel like you’re some kind of super hero 🙂 .
It might be a little intimidating at first I know, but once you start you will never look back.  Start slowly with just the strength machines at your gym or even start doing body weight exercises at home.  Whichever it might be the best advise I can give you is to be consistent in your workouts and everything else will fall into place.

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