Healthy Proteins, Carbs, and Veggies you should have on your plate.

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Healthy Choices

Im going to give you just a basic list I found of these 3 food groups that has helped a lot of my clients throw a healthy meal together.  I get asked the question a lot about what foods are healthy and what you  should be eating. So here’s a list of healthy proteins, carbs, and veggies you can  add to your “healthy choice list”.  Sorry no pizza, chocolate, or ice cream.  🙂

Just pick and choose one from each catogory to make a meal, easy as that.  Thousands of different choices for you!!  If you have any to add, please do.




Chicken Breast Baked Potato Broccoli
Turkey Breast Sweet Potato Asparagus
Lean Ground Turkey Yam Lettuce
Swordfish Squash Carrots
Orange Roughy Pumpkin Cauliflower
Haddock Steamed Brown Rice Green Beans
Salmon Steamed Wild Rice Green Peppers
Tuna Whole Wheat Pasta Mushrooms
Crab Oatmeal Spinach
Lobster Barley Tomato
Shrimp Beans Peas
Top Round Steak Corn Brussels Sprouts
Top Sirloin Steak Strawberries Artichoke
Lean Ground Beef Melon Cabbage
Buffalo Apple Celery
Lean Ham Orange Zucchini
Egg, Whites or Substitutes Fat-Free Yogurt Cucumber
Low-Fat Cottage Cheese Whole-Wheat Bread Onion

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