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This is going to be the hard part sometimes. There are to many convenient  and easy choices that we all know to well. The trick is to start slow and give yourself a break and just begin to make better choices. Every healthy choice you make is one step closer to creating new habits and breaking the old. Yes you will have slip ups here and there and order that supersized #2 :(… but as long as you keep in mind where you want to be in 6 months you will move on from it and continue on.

Here are some tips to start doing if you havent already started:

  •  Eat Breakfast.  I know most of the people I sit down and talk to have no time for this.  You wake up, have a cup of coffee and you’re out the door.  Even if its small at first, a banana, apple, yogurt, bowl of cereal, whatever it is for you to get used to eating in the morning. A healthy breakfast will kickstart your metabolism and help you burn more calories throughout the day as well as giving you more energy.
  • Smaller Portions and Eating More Often.  The eating more often part sounds crazy I know but this is really important.  The less you have on your plate and the more frequent you eat the less calories you will take in and the higher your metabolism will be throughout the day.  Kinda simple as that, but I know it’s not. The main goal is to try to eat 4-6 meals.  Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner.  Do your best and just keep this in mind.
  •   Late Night Snacking.  This is what gets a lot of people I know in trouble.  The general rule if you are looking to lose weight is try not to eat past 7pm.  This is not always going to work out I know, but the later it is the slower our bodies get and the slower you’re going to burn calories.  So the late night snack that probably isn’t very healthy will most likely  go straight where you don’t want it. If you are feeling a craving try to have some fruit around to snack on.  I know it doesn’t sound as good as that left over pizza but you will thank me for it later.
  • REMEMBER this isn’t going to be a quick fix.  Focus on these start-up tips for now and don’t make it too complicated.  Be patient, be healthy, be positive and good things WILL come.